My name is James Leatherman, and I am both a teacher and an author. I’ve been writing stories pretty much for as long I could hold a pencil. As a kid, I wrote stories such as sequels to the Home Alone movies, a horror story involving Freddy Kruger, and a full on 80 page notebook novel called The Eye of the Dragon.

I spent many years as a blogger and a freelance writer. I wrote mostly about self-help topics. You can find me on Tiny Buddha and Lifehack.org. I found myself starting and stopping many times before it dawned on me that writing fiction is and always has been my true passion.

I also realized that there are about fifty billion people writing articles all over the internet, and much of it is trite and repeats what the other people have already said. I found myself falling into that rut and decided that I no longer wanted to add to the clutter of the internet.

I wanted to write stories that inspire people, that make them laugh, that entertains them. I wanted to write ridiculous fan-fiction and remember what it was like to have fun writing and not worry about the money or how many clicks I get.

So, if you are new around here, check out my original works and my fan-fiction. If you are a fan, I appreciate your support from the bottom of my heart. Thanks for visiting my website. I hope you found something to make you laugh, to make you cry, and to entertain the bejesus out of you.