Godzilla v. Bambi: Dawn of Squad

“I feel wonderful,” she said, throwing her legs over the side of the bed and raising her hands in the air, groaning as she stretched toward the ceiling.

“Well, you’ve got a long day ahead of you.” Bill, her husband, replied.

She stood to her feet and walked to the bathroom, glancing at herself as she walked past the mirror. Time had been kind to her. A few wrinkles were trying to creep their way to the surface, but overall she looked young for her age. Her naturally blonde hair fell onto her shoulders in curls.

“Where am I supposed to meet her again?” She started brushing her hair.

Bill walked in behind her, squeezed her butt cheek as he walked by, and stood at the toilet to pee. “She wants you to pick her up at her house. And, Cara, please try to be nice this time.”

Cara protested a little at the tasteless grabbing of her bum. “I’m always nice. She doesn’t like me. She’s never liked me. And she never will. Nobody is good enough for her baby boy.”

Bill rolled his eyes and flushed the toilet, sliding beside Cara at the sink to wash his hands. “It doesn’t help that you agitate things. You know, sometimes the best thing you can do is just nod your head and pretend to agree.”

“What would be the fun in that?” She smiled coyly at him in the mirror as she grabbed HIS bum. “Don’t forget to pick up Jane from daycare.” She said as she walked through the door.


Traffic. Cars in all lanes. Everybody trying to be first. Horns blaring in the distance. Cara sighed. “Here we go, Cara. Late again. I’ll never hear the end of it.”

And then it happened. Actually, it happened before she could process that it happened. She was lost in her thoughts one moment and in the next moment it had happened.

The side of the building threw bricks onto the street. Cara lifted her eyes to the sky and her jaw dropped. There…in the sky…was a flying deer.


Cara rubbed her eyes. “I must be hallucinating.”

The deer came crashing onto the hood of her car. Cara peered onto her hood and saw the spotted deer laying there motionless. Was it dead?

The answer came quickly. The deer’s eyes cracked open, shook its head, and stood to its feet.

“Oh my gosh!” Cara exclaimed. “Bambi?”

The building rained more bricks onto the streets, and Cara’s attention shifted again. There, standing in the street, was a five hundred foot…

Cara was once again speechless. “Godzilla? What the heck is happening?


Bambi shook his head and peered into the window of the car. The driver looked stupefied. He shook his head and stood to his feet. It was time to stop playing nice. As Godzilla moved toward him, he jumped off of the hood of the car towards him.

Godzilla took a swipe at Bambi, but Bambi was already moving too fast.

Hoof kick to the eye sent Godzilla stammering back. Then Bambi produced a ring…a golden ring…and shoved it through Godzilla’s nose. The ring weakened him. Otherwise, Bambi would stand no chance against such a massive creature. But Bambi was a creature of the shadows. Bambi knew that, given enough prep time, it’s possible to defeat any foe. That’s how he had learned about the rings.

With the ring shoved deep into Godzilla’s nose, Bambi produced his last best weapon….the sphere. Made from the same stuff the ring was made of, Bambi took the sphere and stabbed Godzilla in the face. Godzilla fell backward into the street.

Bambi slid down Godzilla’s neck, poised to deliver the death blow to his heart.

And then Godzilla made a noise.


Bambi froze in his tracks.

“What?” Bambi exclaimed.

“Mooo…thra…you’re….letting….him….kill mothra.” Godzilla’s face was wet with sweat and blood, his eyes held open weakly in a stiff grimmace.


“Save Mothra” Godzilla gasped.

And it was then that Bambi knew the fight was over.

“Mothra won’t die tonight.” He said and threw down the sphere.

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